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An Eco-Friendly Company's Earth Friendly Practices with Essential Packaging

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An Eco-Friendly Company's Earth Friendly Practices with Essential Packaging

By Creative Writer, Alison M Reilly -
Sunday - July 19, 2009

Enter a party and see brown, earth-friendly tags around cocktail glasses bearing the names of its possessor. Experience assortments of delicate home made chocolates displayed in octagon, origami style boxes. Waiters pass by with uniquely wrapped candies and treats. Hand decorated cartons display hand made flowers from various materials, tissue paper, chipboard, ribbons, etc. Receive a party favor gift package with organic lip-balms and natural soaps packaged in earth inspired boxes, all contained within a cute, stylish recycled kraft chipboard handbag, likely re-usable as a cosmetics or toiletries travel bag.

The host drifts by explaining to guests the way the pro-green party has even incorporated green thinking into the accessories and decor. “You see,” says the party host, all of this packaging is made from recyclable and recycled materials, by a company that utilizes every inch of material down to the scrap for creativity and efficiency. This company hand makes and hand presses a great majority of the items and, in the event they use their energy efficient die press, when the product calls for it, the packages are still hand finished and finalized by hand. "I saw it as a necessary component of my Green Party”.

The company mentioned is Tree Hugger Box™ a division of Box Bliss™, a small eco-friendly, family packaging company run by small business owner and entrepreneur Pamela McElman. McElman provides packaging solutions to the personal user, crafter, and general entrepreneurs all while keeping it green.

As mentioned earlier, the products are not only made from recycled materials, they are also recyclable and/or re-usable. Great for gift packaging, organization, particularly geared toward the crafter and business person. The majority of the designs revolve around the company's name: Tree Hugger Box. Energy efficient and handcrafted, one with the way's of nature by utilizing eco-harmonious materials.

On the personal side, many of McElman's products can be put into practical use for a party through decoration and party accommodations such as favors, snacks, treats and even party hors d'oeuvre, as previously demonstrated. Decorative and/or ready for decoration, green themed and green innovated bags, matchboxes, origami boxes, cartons, tags, etc. to mention a few.

Furthermore, it doesn't end at the “Green Party” illustrated above. McElman's packaging products can be utilized for gifts, gift cards, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and wedding showers, among other special occasions. Several of the company's packaging products are specifically geared toward weddings with recycled white paperboard pillow boxes adorned in white lace, customizable to one's wedding colors upon request.

From the business and crafter side, McElman's Tree Hugger Box can provide you with boxes in ready template for your lip balm and soap packaging needs, or more creative boxes and packaging needs once again in origami style and even carton style. The cartons and coordinating set of matchboxes available, in particular, make great gift packages to incorporate, within a gift set, all of your specialty products. McElman's company could additionally cater quite well to many divisions of business and crafting: candles, teas, jewelry and lingerie, the possibilities are endless. Each package design is able to uniquely diversify and market the natural, eco-friendly image of one's own company by providing the products with earth inspired packaging.

The products mentioned above, however quite substantial, are not the limit of the company. By contacting Tree Hugger Box™ directly you can have Pamela McElman design a complete, unique, and customized box or packaging product for any business venture or personal occasion, any need and in any quantity. The options limitless, simply provide your product dimensions and specifications, your package design interests or wishes, as well as quantity and deadline desired and the designer, Pamela McElman will then correspond with your specific packaging dimensions, design options, time and price quote. The Tree Hugger Box™ website is located at:
where you can browse and shop all the earth influenced packaging and designs as well as message Pamela McElman about the customized package you have in mind to fit your product, craft, or special occasion needs.

In sum, Tree Hugger Box™ has a great deal of options and designs fitted to not only your endeavors, but also attuned to earthly balance and your earthly conscience. Have your party “green themed” or just incorporate the elements for a unique presentation. Plan small gifts or special occasions with unique designs and adorned packages. Evolve your business to cater to society as it progresses in eco-friendly thought. Give your natural and organic crafts and products the extra earth friendly image and emphasis to appeal to a greater clientele. Pamela McElman’s Tree Hugger Box™ accommodates the green progress of culture.


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